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Bodhgaya, Rajgir & Nalanda

Bodhgaya, Bihar, India

Some 2,500 years ago in the now conspicuous India village of Bodh Gaya, Siddhārtha Gautama obtained the covent state of spiritual enlightenment and instantaneously became the Buddha. Today, Bodh Gaya is considered to be the most important pilgrimage site for Buddhists around the world and thousands of devotees annually visit the sacred city to pray, study, and meditate.

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    India, Gaya, Rajgir


The city of Bodh Gaya is situated along the banks of the Phalgu River in the northeastern Indian state of Bihar. Buddhists around the world recognize the city as the most important of four primary pilgrimage sites because it is the place where Siddhārtha Gautama transcended the normalcy of human existence and became enlightened. For spiritual seekers today, traveling to Bodh Gaya, and visiting the city’s most important sites, provides meaningful inspiration and reminds them of their inborn potential to achieve the ultimate goal of Nirvana.
Since 1953, Bodh Gaya has transformed into a diverse spiritual metropolis where Buddhists from Sri Lanka, Thailand, Burma, Tibet, Bhutan, and Japan have established monasteries and temples architecturally built in styles common of their respective countries. While these various places of worship shouldn’t be overlooked, it is the temple at the city’s center that is Bodh Gaya’s main draw. The Mahabodhi Temple, which was designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2002, plays home to the now infamous Bodhi Tree which the Buddha sat underneath at the time of his enlightened

Main Highlight.

   Mahabodhi Temple.

   Vishwa Shanti Stupa.

   Venuvana Vihara.

   The 80th Feet Buddha Statue.


Arrival Gaya airport at by the scheduled flight. Meeting and Greeting at Airport, Proceed to
Bodhgaya. Upon arrival sightseeing of Bodhgaya.
Mahabodhi Temple: This beautiful temple built by Ashoka the Great in 3rd Century BC.
Bodhi tree: This sacred tree is about 300 years old. Under this tree Shakyamuni becomes Lord
Buddha. One can sit under the tree and can do the meditation.
Niranjana River: Which the Buddha bathed after attaining enlightenment.
Sujata House: - 2 Km west of Bodhgaya, near the Phalgu River is a temple dedicated to an Uruvela
tribeswoman who offered food to the starving Siddhartha.
The 80th Feet Buddha Statue: The unveiling and consecration of the Great Buddha Statue took place
on November 18, 1989. The consecration ceremony was graced with the presence of His Holiness the
XIVth Dalai Lama, who blessed the 25-meter statue, the first great Buddha ever built in the history of
India. The Statue is now a symbol of the holy place Bodhgaya, next to Mahabohdi Temple which is a
World Heritage site, and enjoys constant visits of pilgrims from all over the world. Among local
people, it is nicknamed "the 80-foot (25-meter) Buddha Statue.
Dinner and Overnight stay at Hotel.
After breakfast proceed to Rajgir & Nalanda.
Lunch at hotel. After Lunch visit
Rajgir: Rajgir (Rajgriha) was the capital of the powerful Magadha kingdom, ruled by the virtuous king Bimbisara.
Vishwa Shanti Stupa: It is a marble structure with niches bearing golden images of the Buddha, built by the Nipponza Myohoji sect of Japan.
Griddhakuta: The strange rock protrusion resembling a vulture's beak probably gave the hill its name. In the rock cut caves here the Buddha spent many rainy seasons, meditating and preaching.
Venuvana Vihara: Site of the monastery Venuvana Vihara built by king Bimbisara for Lord Buddha to reside. This was the king's first offering to Lord Buddha.
Dinner and Overnight stay at Hotel.
Breakfast at the Hotel. After Breakfast drive to Nalanda.
Nalanda: The world's oldest university founded in the 5th century. Also visit monasteries and temples with impressive Buddhist & Hindu images.Later drive back to Bodhgaya. Lunch at Bodhgaya hotel.
Dinner and Overnight stay at Hotel.
Breakfast at the hotel. Morning visit to Mahabodhi Temple & Bodhi tree. Transfer to the airport to board the scheduled flight for onward destination.


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$ 230 4 Days 3 Nights

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